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1 Consent

By using the Website, You Hereby Consent to the Present Disclaimer and Comply With Its Terms.

We Will Not Be Responsible for Any Damages Experienced in Reference to the Utilization of Our Website.

If You Are Doing Not Accept as True With This Disclaimer, Stop Now and Don’t Access or Use This Website.

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2 Content Disclaimer

We Aren’t Responsible or Liable in Any Manner for Any Content Posted on Our Website or in Reference to Our Website, Whether Posted or Caused by Users of the Web Site or by Us. Although We Offer Rules for User Conduct and Postings, We Don’t Control and Aren’t Liable for What the Users Post, Transmit or Share on the Web Site, and Aren’t Liable for Any Offensive, Inappropriate, Obscene, Unlawful or Otherwise Objectionable Content You’ll Encounter on the Web Site. We Aren’t Liable for the Conduct, Whether Online or Offline, of Any User of Our Website.

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3 External Links Disclaimer

The Website May Contain (or You’ll Be Sent Through the Web Site Links to Other Sites or Content Belonging to or Originating From Third Parties or Links to Sites and Features in Banners or Other Advertising. We Don’t Investigate, Monitor, or Check Such External Links for Accuracy, Adequacy, Validity, Reliability, Availability, or Completeness.

We Don’t Warrant, Endorse, Guarantee, or Assume Responsibility for the Accuracy or Reliability of Any Information Offered by Third-party Websites Linked Through the Web Site or Any Site or Feature Linked in Any Banner or Other Advertising. We’ll Not Be a Celebration to or in Any Way Be Liable for Monitoring Any Transaction Between You and Third-party Providers of Products or Services.

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4 Reviews

At Various Times, We May Provide Reviews of Products, Services, or Other Resources. This Might Include Reviews of Books, Services, and/or Software Applications. Any Such Reviews Will Represent the Good-faith Opinions of the Author of Such Review. The Products and Services Reviewed Could Also Be Provided to Us for Free of Charge or at a Reduced Price as an Incentive to Supply a Review.

Regardless of Any Such Discounts, We’ll Provide Honest Reviews of Those Products and/or Services. You Recognize That You Simply Should Conduct Your Own Due Diligence and Will Not Rely Solely Upon Any Reviews Provided on This Website.

We, Will, Disclose the Existence of Any Discounts or Incentives Received in Exchange for Providing a Review of a Product. If You’d Like More Information About Any Such Discounts and Incentives, Send an Email to Freegraphictools1@gmail.com That Has the Title of the Reviewed Product Because of the Subject Line. We’ll Respond via Email and Disclose Any Incentives or Discounts We Received in Association With Any Such Review.

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5 Earnings Disclaimer

From Time to Time, We May Report on the Success of 1 of Our Existing or Prior Clients/customers. The Knowledge About This Success Is Accurately Portrayed by the Clients/customers. You Acknowledge That the Prior Success of Others Doesn’t Guarantee Your Success.

As With Any Business, Your Results May Vary and Can Be Supported by Your Individual Capacity, Business Experience, Expertise, and Level of Desire. There Are Not Any Guarantees Concerning the Extent of Success You’ll Experience. There’s No Guarantee That You Simply Will Make Any Income in the Least and You Accept the Danger That the Earnings and Income Statements Differ by Individual. Each Individual’s Success Depends on His or Her Background, Dedication, Desire, and Motivation.

The Use of Our Information, Products, and Services Should Be Supported Your Own Due Diligence and You Agree That We Aren’t Responsible for Any Success or Failure of Your Business That’s Directly or Indirectly Associated With the Acquisition and Use of Our Information, Products, and Services Reviewed or Advertised on This Website.

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6 Testimonials Disclaimer

The Website May Contain Testimonials From Users of Our Products and/or Services. These Testimonials Reflect the Real-life Experiences and Opinions of Such Users. However, the Experiences Are Personal to Those Particular Users, and Should Not Necessarily Be Representative of All Users of Our Products and/or Services. We Don’t Claim, and You Ought to Not Assume, That Each One Users Will Have an Equivalent Experiences. Your Individual Results May Vary.

The Testimonials on the Web Site Are Submitted in Various Forms Like Text, Audio and/or Video, and Are Reviewed by Us Before Being Posted. They Seem on the Web Site Verbatim as Given by the Users, Apart From the Correction of Grammar or Typing Errors. Some Testimonials May Are Shortened for the Sake of Brevity Where the Complete Testimonial Contained Extraneous Information Not Relevant to the Overall Public.

The Views and Opinions Contained Within the Testimonials Belong Solely to the Individual User and Don’t Reflect Our Views and Opinions.

The Testimonials on the Web Site Aren’t Intended, Nor Should They Be Construed, as Claims That Our Products and/or Services Are Often Wont to Diagnose, Treat, Mitigate, Cure, Prevent, or Rather Be Used for Any Disease or Medical Condition. No Testimonials Are Clinically Proven or Evaluated.

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7 No Professional Relationship Disclaimer

The Website Cannot and Doesn’t Contain Professional Advice. We Don’t Provide Any Quite Professional Advice. The Knowledge Is Provided for General Informational and Academic Purposes Only and Isn’t a Substitute for Professional Advice.

Accordingly, Before Taking Any Actions Based Upon Such Information, We Encourage You to Consult the Acceptable Professionals. The Utilization or Reliance of Any Information Contained on This Website Is Solely at Your Own Risk.

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8 Maps Policy

The Map Used on Our Website Is Published the Online by Google and Sourced Under an Open License. The Boundaries, Names Shown, and Therefore the Designations Used on This Map Don’t Imply the Expression of Any Opinion Whatsoever on Our Part or Its People in Respect of the Status of Any Country, Territory, City or Area, or the Delimitation of Any Frontiers or Boundaries.

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9 Fair Use Notice

The Website Contains Copyrighted Material the Utilization of Which Has Not Always Been Specifically Authorized by The Copyright Owner. We Believe This Constitutes a “Fair Use” of Any Such Copyrighted Material as Provided For in Section 107 of the Us Copyright Law. If You Would Like to Use Copyrighted Material From the Web Site for Purposes of Your Own That Transcend Use, You Want to Obtain Permission From the Copyright Owner.

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10 Personal Responsibility

You Acknowledge You’re Using Our Website Voluntarily Which Any Choices, Actions, and Results Now and Within the Future Are Solely Your Responsibility.

We Will Not Be Susceptible to You or the Other Party for Any Decision Made or Action Taken in Reliance on the Knowledge Given Within the Website.

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11 Contact Us

If You Need Any Longer Information or Have Any Questions on Our Website’s Disclaimer, Please Be Happy to Contact Us.

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12 Copyright Information